Ariana Gossfeld, CMT
Boulder Creek, California

(831) 338-1982


      A background from early childhood in classical music, opera, and ballet and a lifelong fascination with how sound affects us on all levels has lead to working with what is called VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE. Many modalities including and beyond music are part of this world of healing.

      Just Touch Healing, Flower essences, Life Coaching, LIFE system biofeedback, HEB (Harmonic Energy Balancing), Gemmo and Oligo therapies, White Time Healing and more are offered as complementary processes for transformation to initiate and support us as we move beyond the current paradigm of separation into the Oneness of interconnected awareness.

Specializing in:

Distance Healing

Energy Healing

Flower Essences



L.I.F.E. System

Life Coaching

Massage Therapy




Polarity Therapy

Remote Healing

Sound Therapy



These are all modalities which promote healing transformation for every one in these times.

~~~~~~Transformational Tools~~~~~~

LIFE System
      The L.I.F.E system is a state of the art computerized biofeedback system designed to asses stress and wellness parameters of the body/mind/emotion/spirit being and assist the rebalancing and harmonization of the "whole" person. The use of frequencies to evaluate as well as heal provides a noninvasive, gentle means to begin and later monitor our journey as we move from unbalance and lesser health to Oneness and more abundant balanced health.

      Various supportive therapies are suggested and used to stabilize and augment what is initiated with the L.I.F.E. system providing a well rounded and complete program for transformation in these times.

~~~~~~Universal Energy Balancing Program (UEB)~~~~~~

      The HEB Program is a companion support program for the L.I.F.E. system. It is a computerized system providing vibrational frequencies 24/7 in a gentle, uplifting way. This creates a positive frequency "envelope" for an individual as they move through their life. The
HEB Program presents life affirming patterns that may affect all areas of one's being.

      As demographic or personal information is entered into the
Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program, a series of energetic patterns or waves, consisting of Light, Sound, Color, Sacred Geometry, (using specific mathematical repetitions), and Master affirmation/prayers are delivered by means of a specially designed "Prayer Wheel". These methods are used in conjunction with other proprietary applications as well. The combined information is then administered to the individual, internal to the program, through their photographic image regardless of their physical location. It is now considered and accepted by many that the energy of prayer and other life affirming postulates may transcend all time and space.

      These energies are diffused from a non denominational spiritual/religious perspective which is presented with the singular interest that it may integrate only with that which is for the highest and greatest good of all recipients. Understanding and respect are held for another's state of being/consciousness and their belief system, religion, or philosophy etc., is left intact, without interference.