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the advent of Quantum Physics, the world of healing is poised for great leaps. Molecular biologists and researchers in neuro-immunology are rapidly establishing measurable scientific data which proves the many ways in which thought and emotions key into the creation of disease as well as avenues by which balance and health may once again be restored to the entire being.

      Dr. Deepak Chopra is at the forefront bridging the worlds of Quantum physics and Quantum Healing. His many books, lectures, and tape series, track the thought -to-molecule , or Mind-to-Body connection. He clearly illustrated the hows and whys of the process and opens our world to a better understanding of ourselves. It brings us a new way of viewing our health and wellness. It implies complete, personal responsibility for our thoughts, the feelings which they create and, ultimately, our own health and happiness.

      Barry Neil Kaufman and Dr. Bruce Lipton, in their many books and lectures brilliantly discuss the roles beliefs and thought patterns play in our lives.  This suggests that acting from the view point of personal responsibility for everything we create in our reality (from comfort and joy to discomfort, unhappiness and dis-easment) is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

      In the 1930's, a British physician, Dr. Edward Bach - Bacteriologist, Pathologist, and Homeopath observed that many of his patients displayed emotional and psychological imbalances prior to the onset of illness. States of mind such as loneliness, depression, boredom, worry, hopelessness and fear, he noted, not only proceed illness, but also inhibit the body's natural healing abilities of preventing or overcoming disease.

      His many treatises and writings explore this connection. He came to believe that the only way to absolutely prevent or, once manifested, work with a disease was to address the underlying emotional cause.  He left a lucrative London practice and dedicated his life to studying the relationship between one's state of mind and the onset and progression of illness.

      Bach was very aware of how traditional medical cures for a disease were often more traumatic on the body than the original condition itself. The search for gentler methods with which to treat finally culminated in his creation of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. The best known essence is the commonly used first aid remedy for shock and trauma. It is a combination of five of the original 38 essences and called Rescue Remedy.

      We've already seen that we have "hard" scientific data to support the Mind - Body connection. As of today, the level of technology is now able to meet the refinement necessary to detect the frequencies at which these remedies are active.  The "proof" for Vibrational Medicine is now scientific fact.

      Vibrational medicine, which includes modalities such as Acupuncture, Jin Shin Do, Radionics, Homeopathy, and Flower Essence Therapy, are based on aspects of the life force; prana as it is known in India, Chi in the Orient. These modalities work directly with this unseeable energy as it runs through the body by regulating and manipulating it.  Blockages are dissolved and balance is restored to the systems, length and quality of life being restored or enhanced.

      In plants, the highest concentration of active life force is located in the blossom which eventually encapsulates it into a latent form, the seed.  As a blossom, the flower broadcasts this energy or life force at a specific frequency or rate of vibration unique to that species of plant.

      Our thoughts also have a frequency at which they vibrate. Brain wave scanners can detect the electromagnetic frequencies around the head. Many experiments indicate close associations between certain qualities of thoughts and the recorded frequency rates. For instance joyous, loving thoughts are indicated with faster vibratory rates than thoughts of fear or anger.

      The clarity of the thought transmissions can become questionable at times. Human thought gets confused between new information and the old messages still recorded as previous experience. When we interpret present experiences in the light of old information or habits we have grown accustomed to or feel we need to protect ourselves with, behaviors which no longer serve us being inappropriate for the present experience begin to be re enacted over and over. These old thought patterns may be the underlying cause for much imbalance in our physical, mental and emotional health.

      There is a principle in the world of physics and music known as Sympathetic Resonance. It is along this concept that flower essences work with our thoughts by interacting with the vibrating frequencies.

      If one strikes a tuning fork near a piano, various strings will begin to sound also. You hear the same pitch as well as harmonics around it. Similarly when the blossom of a plant , vibrating with life force is placed in water, the molecular vibration begins to match; the water to the flower. Voila! A sympathetic resonance has been established. Now we have water which, for all intensive purposes, is the flower in another form. Just as the tuning fork never becomes a piano string nor the piano string turn into a tuning fork, yet the frequency or sound they emit is one and the same.

      When a flower essence is ingested orally or applied topically, the vibrating frequency is transferred to the molecules of our body of which 60% to 80% water- Since this is a harmonic resonance, that means we can have more than one "pitch" going on at the same time. For example, an old thought pattern like "I don't deserve, I'm not worthy," can be paired with the new "higher pitch" of " I can do it" being resonated by the "flower power". Guess what! The experience in a person's awareness or in their life is often perceived as a choice or a new idea. Suddenly the thought occurs to them that maybe another way of looking at something is possible. As the higher frequency is applied continuously, the choice becomes clearer and appropriate action can be undertaken in a new direction. The doorway to new behaviors and new avenues in one's life become real experiences and old patterns fall away.

      This is a greatly simplified, linear explanation for something which happens at numerous levels of the complex beings we are as Humans. It is only meant to serve as a bridge from the first question, "What are Flower Essences?" to the next step for you. Perhaps that is the idea "These can be a valuable tool for my own growth!" Your own experiences will then guide you to understand the gift of flowers in your life.